Terms and Conditions

  1. Noor Motors vehicle inspection sheet is compatible with Japanese used car auctions. It shows scratches, dents, dimples and replacements as per Japanese auto auction rules.
  2. Only non-sold vehicles are listed in stock-list. Once payment is received, the vehicle automatically goes out of list. A vehicle can be reserved only by one client. In case of non-payment within the set period of time, the reserved vehicles will be auto canceled.
  3. Penalty charges of 30,000 yen (or equivalent US dollars) from the received payment will be subtracted if purchased-vehicle is canceled.
  4. All prices for vehicle in stock are of FOC and CF. The FOC price comprises Vehicle Price, In-land transportation within Japan. The CF price comprises Vehicle Price, In-land transportation within Japan and Freight.
  5. Insurance is provided on demand. Therefore, insurance charges will be borne by client in addition to FOC or CF price. Auto Max will not be responsible whatsoever if insurance is not chosen by client deliberately.
  6. The client can claim if purchased vehicle’s inspection sheet or car data entered incorrect. Therefore, nominal inspection signs (like scratch or dent or simple) are not included.
  7. Shipment of purchased vehicle is not possible before full payment. Copy of Original B/L can only be provided after full receipt of payment.
  8. No credit line is available by Noor Motors. Business partnership and affiliation are under different trading rules and need thorough negotiations with the top management.
  9. No Credit card payment option available right now.
  10. L/C facility is available through our trusted banks if client offers a big volume of trade.
  11. All payment must be made to the account details available on our website. Noor Motors shall not be responsible if bill payments will be sent to the bank not listing on our website.
  12. Noor Motors reserves the rights to change the trading and payment terms without prior notification.

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